The Many Uses of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a versatile restoration that can be used by dentists for a variety of causes. They’re designed to cover the entire outside of the tooth, limiting sensitivity and strengthening the tooth. Dr. Brian Sang of Palmetto Smiles discusses how he uses dental crowns in Florence, SC.florence, sc dental crowns

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a dental restoration that can be used to fix both cosmetic and restorative issues with your teeth. Crowns are custom-made to fit your smile based on impressions of your teeth. The high-quality dental ceramic can be colored to match the rest of your smile, making it look natural.

Crowns can cover the entire outside of the tooth or can be the final restoration for a dental implant. The shape and size of the rest of your teeth give the dentist direction when the crown is getting made. In addition to looking natural, they feel natural, giving you back the strength and stability you miss from healthy natural teeth.

What Can a Dental Crown Be Used For?

A dental crown can be used for a large variety of dental services. First, as mentioned, it can be the final restoration for a dental implant, particularly if you’re getting just a single implant. It replaces the tooth that used to be there and allows you to have a natural, beautiful smile again.

For cosmetic purposes, a crown can be used to whiten a tooth when traditional tooth whitening options don’t cut it. The color can be customized to the shade that you want, blending in with your natural smile or whitening the tooth to the level you’d like.

For restorative options, a dental crown is most commonly used after a root canal is done. Since the internal tooth pulp is removed in this procedure, the tooth loses much of its structure and stability. A dental crown can give you that back, protecting the tooth from further inspection while also giving you a stable tooth again.

Lastly, a crown can be used to repair a broken tooth. When you chip, crack, or break a tooth, it needs to be fixed immediately. The treatment used will depend on how bad the break is. Sometimes, if it’s a very severe break, a dental crown may be the only option to give you back tooth functionality.

The Dental Crown Process

First, Dr. Sang will have a consultation with you to discuss exactly what will happen in your case. This is because it’s different depending on if a crown is going on an existing tooth or a dental implant. The procedure will be explained thoroughly before it’s done.

If it’s going on an existing tooth, the tooth has to be fully prepared first. It’s shaved down to give the crown enough room to fit over it snugly. You want it to blend in and be at the same level as your other teeth. A mold is made of the tooth when your tooth is prepared and is sent to a lab for the restoration to be made. When it’s back and we make sure it fits properly, it’s permanently bonded in place.

For crowns for dental implants, the 3-6 month healing process from your implant posts must be complete. Then, a dental crown is made to match with the rest of your smile. A piece called an abutment is attached to the top of the implant so that the crown can be secured.

Getting Dental Crowns in Florence, South Carolina

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