Inlays & Onlays Florence, SC

Inlays & onlays are used to treat advanced or hard to reach tooth decay. Often called a partial crown, dental inlays and onlays can address decay dental fillings can not.

The inlay or onlay restoration can be color matched to blend seamlessly with the tooth for a beautiful end result. Dental inlays and onlays may also be used to treat a damaged or broken tooth.

  • What is an inlay?
    An inlay is a custom dental restoration used to treat tooth decay that occurs in the top crevices of a molar or tooth. Inlays can treat more advanced or hard to reach tooth decay than a regular dental filling.
  • What is an onlay?
    An onlay is a dental restoration used to treat large surface areas of decay or damage caused to a tooth. The onlay is placed on the tooth and helps to support the structure of the tooth sealing out future decay.

At Palmetto Smiles we strive to provide conservative treatment options that work to rebuild a healthy, stable smile. Whenever possible our dentist will make recommendations for treatments that will preserve your natural smile.