Florence SC Dentist Office Patient Testimonials

Dustin Saunders

Dustin Saunders

Fantastic experience! The dental hygienist was the most courteous and careful not to hurt my gums as any I have experienced. The dentist did the most thorough exam I have ever had, even feeling for cancer in my cheeks. I will definitely be a long time patient and I highly recommend Palmetto Smiles and Doctor Sang.

Glenn Hanna

Glenn Hanna

My first visit to the Dentist in their new building and I was impressed with the comfortable atmosphere, design and layout of the building (lots of light streaming in through large windows) and the new equipment. As usual the staff including reception, hygienist and Dentist were all very friendly, helpful and thorough and I left with the same number of teeth as when I went in. So it was an excellent visit.

Jack North

Jack North

The entire staff: receptionists, hygienists, assistants and dentists are warm and welcoming. They mix professionalism with winsome personalities. It seems everyone there is glad they work there and they communicate that through their gracious and gentle care they provide. At 68 years of age I’ve been to quite a number of different dental practices. I have not found another practice that is as consistently as competent and engaging as Palmetto Smiles.

Jolene Osorio

Jolene Osorio

I have been going to this group for several years. Office staff are very curious and friendly. My family and have received good dental care. Highly recommended.

Charles Saverance

Charles Saverance

Excellent and professional staff. Highly recommended!

Austin A

Austin A

Very knowledgeable and professional staff. I aways have a great experience and feel very comfortable with this group. Dr. Sang is on the cutting edge of dentistry, and I trust him to make the best decision. They truly care about your smile here.

Jimmy Altman

Jimmy Altman

When I enter the office I am always greeted by a professional and friendly office staff. I am so glad to have Dr. Sang as my dentist. Also, I want to thank everyone that is employed by Dr. Moss and Dr. Sang because everyone is always thoughtful and always so very friendly!!

Tammy Griffin

Tammy Griffin

Great dentist, hygienists, & front office staff...have always been great about working with me & my family...very glad I found them..can't say enough nice things about the staff..wonderful group of people...

Denise B.

It was the best dental experience I have ever had. Everyone is great, kind, friendly. I highly recommend them!

Scarlett K.

Almost like a spa experience! Best views....staff was wonderful from the front door all the way to the exam room!

Tonia W.

I love everyone at Palmetto Smiles. Dr. Moss is always so funny and he is careful to keep any pain to a minimum (which I really appreciate!). Terri and the other assistants are great too. Everyone is warm and friendly and I feel like they genuinely care about the patients.

Scott T.

Today was my first experience with Palmetto Smiles and Dr Tyler Perry but certainly will not be my last. First, the office is very nice and impeccably neat, clean and sterile. Second, the entire staff is very nice, compassionate and kind and immediately puts you at ease. I had a bad chipped molar that had previously been filled but developed a cavity under the filling and subsequently chipped in half. It had to be extracted. I have a bit of a legit phobia of dentist but Dr Perry was outstanding. He immediately put me at ease and was so kind and professional. I can honestly say I didn’t feel a bit of pain throughout the entire procedure. He also treats my two sons, who really like him and also had a pleasant experience. I can’t rave enough and love Palmetto Smiles! Thank you so much for being so compassionate and professional. You are the only Dental Office who will be treating my family!!! God Bless You!!!

Laci CH.

For anyone in search of a new dentist, I would strongly recommend Dr Sang and the wonderful ladies at Palmetto Smiles! You would be hard pressed to find another office in town that goes out of their way to take better care of their patients, day or night. In a society where Customer Service seems to have become an after-thought, the wonderful folks at Palmetto Smiles make it their top priority!

Jeff M.

Today was my first visit to Palmetto Smiles and to see Dr. Brian Sang. The office is beautiful and state of the art and the staff was extremely pleasant and happy! This was an emergency visit and they were able to see me today and even worked later than planned to finish with me! Very please and highly recommend.

Logan E.

I am never nervous about going to the Dentist, because I know that with Dr. Sang I am in good care! The staff is incredibly friendly and professional! All of my treatments are quick, efficient, and pain free. I travel to Florence (from Fayetteville, NC) for my appointments because I have yet to receive better care. I highly recommend Drs. Moss and Sang for locals as well as travelers!

Robby H.

I had avoided going to the dentist for.... let's just say too many years... and Dr. Sang+team could not have been easier on me coming back into the dental routine. I am young and thought that I could live without regular dental care but I know now I was wrong because your mouth is very important to your overall health and it's good to have it looked at regularly. The team there is always smiling and seems genuinely happy to see me come in the office. They have the full line of services you would expect in a dental practice and have always been easy to schedule with an my appointments start on time - I get ushered back immediately upon arriving every time.

Brooke T.

I've been a patient of Dr. Sang's for quite a few years. Dr. Sang is very nice, and he always does a fantastic job when it comes to my teeth. His staff is always very helpful and nice. Best dentist office in Florence and I'd recommend to anybody!

Shannan B.

I've been going to Dr. Moss since I was 6 years old. Now I'm almost 40 and take my daughter to him too. We've seen Dr. Sang as well and were pleased with him too. Julie and Terri and Dee are all wonderful! I always recommend Dr. Moss to people :)

Renee F.

Their dental work is unbelievable. My recent crown feels and looks like a real tooth! True art! They are always prompt , friendly, and willing to go the extra mile. When I had a tooth break on a weekend they were only a phone call away to help me out and ease my anxiety!! I had to change dentists a few years ago because mine retired. I feel at home with Drs. Moss and Sang and they made my transition easy.

Nicole M.

Very friendly & professional staff with impressive state of the art dental care...and I’m hard to impress. I’m currently starting treatment with Dr. Brian Sang to re-adjust my bite after years of bruxism damage. I’m looking forward to seeing my new smile!

Susan O.

A breath of fresh air! Finally a place that has an overall 5 star rating in every category. I see Dr. Sang while my husband sees Dr. Moss. It's a win win situation. Along with the staff and the beautiful place my husband and I have found our new dental home.

Brenda K.

I have been a patient of Dr Sang for about 3 years. Dr. Sang along with his staff are the best. They are friendly, efficient and they genuinely care about their patients. If he tells you that you have a problem, you can trust that you do. He is there to help the patient and not just to get a paycheck. Love this group. We highly recommend to anyone.

Jennifer I.

Dr. Moss and all his staff make me feel very comfortable each and every time I go. They all take up time with me to make sure I have the best experience I could have. They are excellent at the work they do and the office is beautiful and clean. I have so much confidence in them that I have now scheduled appointments for my 7 year old and 10 year old daughters. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!

Gerry C.

Staff is very friendly Dr. Sang is great informs you of every move he is about to make assistant Andrea is great too and the coffee is excellent

Ashlee B.

I have been a patient of Dr. Moss for a few years now, and couldn't imagine going anywhere else. Both Dr. Moss and Dr. Sang are incredible Dentist, not only have they helped me but have helped family members of mine when they were in desperate need of dental care. Not only are they good dentist but they are great people with wonderful personalities. Every check up, they make it a point to make you feel just as welcomed and comfortable as can be! I highly recommend either doctor if you are in search for a good Dentist! I promise you will not be disappointed!

Lorrie U.

Dr Perry and his hygienist, Logan are a wonderful team. The entire staff is professional and very helpful.

Lonnie W.

Best dentist and hygienists in Florence. Very polite staff. My appointments are usually fast, in and out within 45 minutes. This is great especially when you are using your lunch hour.

Tina T.

The Staff and Dr Moss are very nice, professional and caring. I was very impressed with the patient care and his concern that I receive the best treatment without any pressure. I love the relaxed atmosphere of his office. Thank you so much.

Michael C.

Dr Sang was recommended to me by family and friends who use him and are well pleased. My experience was Excellent!!! I was extremely impressed with Deborah (hygienist) before I saw Dr Sang. She was very personal and attentive to my situation. Best cleaning I've ever had! Dr Sang, very professional and Confident. I'm sold!

Tam D.

Dr. Perry and Eric was awesome. My wisdom tooth was rough to get out. However, the attention and care they shown made my experience one of the best I ever had with a dentist. Everyone in this office was nice and warm!