Missing Teeth Florence, SC

Missing teeth can compromise the function, alignment, and appearance of your smile. Replacing missing teeth supports a more natural smile and can prevent further deterioration of your health.

If you are missing teeth and are seeking a more natural replacement option, contact Palmetto Smiles. We offer dental implant restorations for the most comfortable, functional way to replace your missing teeth.

Why should I replace my missing tooth?

Whether you are missing a single tooth or a full arch of teeth, replacing your missing teeth supports the long-term function of the bite and your overall oral health.

Missing teeth increase your risk of:

  • Gum disease
  • Gum recession
  • Bone loss
  • Loss of facial integrity
  • Shifting or crooked teeth
  • Additional tooth loss

Without the root system of the missing tooth, the entire smile becomes compromised. Missing teeth weaken the jaw and increase the risk that remaining teeth may shift or fall out.  It becomes difficult to chew, gums are susceptible to receiving or becoming infected, Over time the jaw bone begins to deteriorate causing facial sagging.

Patients with missing teeth are at a higher risk of developing a serious bacterial infection known as gum disease.  Gum disease can impact your dental and systemic health.  Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss in America adults. Gum disease is a preventable condition that can be managed with good at home oral hygiene and routine dental health exams.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Palmetto Smiles offers a full range of in-house options for replacing missing teeth. From traditional dentures and removable bridges to full-service dental implants and implant supported restorations, our dental care team works to restore your smile. We provide treatment for missing teeth on an individualized basis based on your personal goals, budget, and dental health.

The team of dentists at Palmetto Smiles provides full service, in-house dental implants. We coordinate all phases of treatment from your initial consultation to your final implant placement and restoration helping to streamline your process of replacing your missing teeth. We use CBCT 3d imaging and digitally guided implant technology to provide the most precise and lasting results.

Are you missing teeth? Contact Palmetto Smiles in Florence, SC to learn more about your options for replacing your missing teeth.