Root Canal Florence SC

Root Canal An Overview

Root canals are the procedure used to remove infected tooth pulp and to restore the integrity of the natural tooth. Root canal procedures are effective and can help patients avoid the need for a tooth extraction.

Do I need a root canal?

A root canal procedure may be necessary if the inner pulp of the tooth has become infected. The root canal gets infected with a small cavity goes untreated and the bacteria spread to the tooth pulp. Bacteria can cause the inner pulp to become inflamed and may cause discomfort for the patient.

Your Palmetto Smiles dentist will examine your tooth to determine if a root canal procedure is needed.  The root canal treatment can relieve pressure caused by inflamed tooth pulp relieving painful symptoms almost immediately after treatment.

Root Canal What to Expect

A root canal procedure can be completed from the comfort of our Florence, SC dentist office. A local anesthetic is commonly used to numb the area for the patient’s optimal comfort during treatment.

Once comfortable, a small hole is drilled into the back of the infected tooth. Through this hole, a small tool is inserted and removes the damaged pulp.

Once the tooth is thoroughly cleared and cleaned a special material called gutta percha is injected into the tooth. Gutta-percha replaces the removed pulp and helps to stabilize the tooth structure and seal out future decay.

Most patients who receive a root canal will also be fit with a dental crown. The dental crown is designed to sit over the treated tooth and provides long-term support for the natural bite. A dental crown is color and shaped to blend seamlessly with your adjacent teeth.