Headache Therapy Florence, SC

Why do I always have a headache when I wake up?

Headaches are often a symptom of a more complex underlying health concern. If you experience headaches on a recurring basis it could be helpful to notify your dentist at Palmetto Smiles. Properly diagnosing the cause of headaches can allow for more effective and lasting solutions for ending chronic headaches.

Morning or reoccurring headaches may be caused by:

  • Sleep apnea  Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that is caused by a blockage of the airway during sleep. Patients with sleep apnea typically snore and suffer from headaches and chronic fatigue. A shortage of oxygen to the brain during sleep causes headaches that occur first thing in the morning.
  • Teeth grinding (bruxism)–  Bruxism is usually a subconscious habit that patients participate in during sleep. The habitual grinding of the upper and lower jaw during sleep can cause damage to the jaw joint, teeth and tension headaches.
  • TMJ Disorder TMD is a complex condition that results from a damaged or misaligned jaw joint. When the jaw is not functioning properly added stress can build in the jaw and facial muscles causing headaches.

Treatment for Chronic Headaches

Dr. Sang provides comprehensive treatment that addresses the underlying functional concerns that cause headaches.

Through personalized consultations and thorough oral health exams, Dr. Sang helps patients pinpoint the root of chronic pain and builds a treatment plan to restore the health and function to the bite and smile.

For many patients, a combination of cosmetic and restorative dentistry can help to relieve chronic headaches. Dr. Sang uses oral sleep appliance therapy to relieve sleep apnea and prevent teeth grinding helping to improve the comfort and function of the jaw.


If you routinely get headaches there may be an underlying dental health concern. Palmetto Smiles is proud to provide state of the art dental care services tailored to your unique dental health needs. We welcome new and returning patients from Florence, SC. Contact our office at 843-203-5155 or use our online form to request your personal consultation.