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Dental concerns that initially seem minor can progress, triggering a domino effect of more complex issues that impact the function and comfort of your smile. Dental concerns, no matter how minor, should be addressed by a dentist as soon as possible. Early diagnosis gives patients the opportunity to choose from more conservative treatment options.

Your oral health is directly correlated to your overall health and well being. Routine dental visits can help protect your systemic health and preserves the health of your smile. Oral bacteria that creates tooth decay and gum disease can spread into the bloodstream increasing the risk of serious medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease. Preventative dentistry helps reduces the risk of developing more advanced dental concerns.

Palmetto Smiles provides comprehensive dentistry for a range of dental concerns.  Our dentists incorporate their advanced training and state of the art technology to help patients build stable, healthy and beautiful smiles. From minor the discoloration and decay to advanced tooth loss and full smile makeovers, our dental care team builds custom treatment plans that address your unique dental concerns.

Dental Health Florence, SC

Solving Dental Concerns Florence, SC

Having a better understanding of your oral health concerns can help you stay proactive in your dental care. We offer detailed information about common and complex dental concerns that may impact your oral health. Explore our dental concern pages to learn more about your oral health.

Dr. Brian Sang provides personalized dental care in a comfortable and welcoming dentist office environment. We tailor all treatments to meet your goals and improve your oral health for a lasting smile.

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Never let discolored or missing teeth hold you back from enjoying your smile. Contact Palmetto Smiles to learn about how comprehensive, compassionate dentistry can improve your quality of life and health. Palmetto Smiles welcomes new patients of all ages to visit our Florence, SC dentist office. Contact our dental care team at 843-203-5155 or request your next appointment using our online form.