Dental Fillings Florence, SC

Tooth decay remains a leading dental concern in patients of all ages. 

Dental cavities are most commonly caused by poor oral hygiene and in many cases may be preventable. Routine dental health exams and good at home oral hygiene can reduce your risk of developing tooth decay.

Caught early on in development, tooth decay can be conservatively treated using a dental filling. Dental fillings are the traditional way for repairing damage caused to a tooth by decay. Palmetto Smiles offers cosmetic white fillings and traditional amalgam fillings for the treatment of dental decay.

Dental Health Care Florence, SC

Amalgam fillings are metal fillings that are commonly used to treat decay in molars. Many patients choose cosmetic white resin fillings for their more natural and aesthetic appearance. White fillings blend seamlessly with the tooth. Some patients with older metal fillings may choose to have them replaced with white fillings, especially when located in the “smile zone”.

The dental filling process begins by removing any damaged or infected tissue from the tooth structure. Once the tooth is clear and thoroughly cleaned, the dental filling is applied. The filling material is color matched to blend with your tooth.

The material is injected into the tooth. A special light is applied to the material to activate the hardening agent. The filling is bonded into place and sanded and polished down for a comfortable natural result.

Dental fillings are stain and decay resistant. The filling is designed to help protect your tooth from future decay and to support the structure of your natural tooth.