Boost Oral Health with Porcelain Veneers

Patients seeking cosmetic enhancement to their smile can find long-term satisfaction with porcelain veneers. These ceramic caps adhere to the front of teeth to create an even, whiter smile.

But veneers can offer more advantages beyond just boosting your smile’s appearance. Dr. Brian Sang, a dentist in Florence, SC, outlines three oral health benefits you can experience if you receive porcelain veneers.

oral health benefits with porcelain veneers in Florence South Carolina

Simplify Your Oral Hygiene Routine

If you have crooked or irregularly shaped teeth, you may have trouble getting your smile completely clean when you perform your typical oral hygiene routine. Overlapping teeth can mean that it is not easy to access the entire surface of your teeth with your toothbrush.

If you are unable to remove all the plaque build-up from your smile, your teeth could be at risk of major dental concerns like decay and gum disease. Porcelain veneers create an even, straight smile that will be easier to clean with your regular tooth brushing and flossing regimen.

Repair Minor Tooth Breakage

Teeth endure wear and tear on a regular basis without issue. But abnormally high amounts of pressure or impact trauma could cause your teeth to crack, chip, or fracture. If this occurs, this could leave your teeth vulnerable to additional dental harm, including oral infections.

Severe damage will require restorative dental solutions. But minor tooth breakage to the front of your teeth can be covered with porcelain veneers. This can shield your smile from external threats that could worsen this type of dental damage.

Replace Eroded Enamel

Enamel, the outer layer of your tooth, can erode over time due to acidic foods, plaque build-up, or factors outside of a patient’s control like aging. Regardless of the reason, once enamel is gone, it cannot regrow on its own.

Weakened enamel could mean that the underlying nerves can be stimulated, causing painful tooth sensitivity. Porcelain veneers can cover thinned enamel on the front of your teeth, replacing the enamel to shield your teeth and alleviate sensitivity pain.

Porcelain Veneers and More in Florence, SC

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