Protect Your Smile With A Custom Fit Mouthguard

Once your first set of teeth are gone, your new permanent adult teeth will begin to come in, and this is the only set that you are going to get throughout your lifetime. Your adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime, so it is imperative that you take care of them properly with every opportunity.


A large majority of children and adults compete or take part in extracurricular activities such as sports. Playing sports does come with some injury risks such as broken bones and torn muscles that heal over time. However, if you damage your teeth, they do not heal so easily. This is why a custom fit mouthguard is highly recommended if you choose to participate in any physical activity that can damage your teeth.

Benefits Of A Custom Fit Mouthguard

  • Custom Fitting
    • Unlike a store purchased mouthguard, a custom fit mouthguard will fit in your mouth perfectly to prevent any movement or slipping during your sport of choice.
  • Custom Design
    • Also, unlike a store purchase mouthguard, our custom fit mouthguards can be designed any way you choose. Some options are that they can be colored to match your team colors, they can be designed to have something intimidating printed on there such as animal teeth, or they can even have your alter ego printed on them.
  • No Fear
    • Playing sports can be intimidating, so much that you may not attempt to make a diving play head first knowing that you can damage your teeth. Knowing that you have a custom fit mouthguard in place to protect them at all times should take away that fear and have you playing your sport of choice 100% at all times.
  • They Are Mainstream Now
    • Let’s face it; most of us look up to the top professional athletes in the game and try to mimic their play. In just about every sport from volleyball to the NBA, mouthguards can be seen being worn by today’s top athletes across the globe.
  • Cost
    • Sure, custom fit mouthguards are slightly more money than a store bought mouthguard. However, it will save you money in the long run from expensive dental repairs from not wearing a mouthguard at all or wearing a store-bought mouthguard that does not fit properly.

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