Custom Mouthguard Florence, SC

You only get one set of adult teeth, protect them with a custom fit mouthguard. 

Custom sports mouthguards offer athletes of all ages superior oral protection. Sports-related injuries are a leading cause of tooth loss in teen and adult athletes. Protecting your smile, or your child’s smile with a custom sports mouthguard can save you time and money by avoiding lengthy and costly advanced dental treatments to repair your smile.

Palmetto Smiles offers athletes of all ages custom sports mouthguards. Receiving a mouthguard is simple, quick and effective. Your Palmetto Smiles dentist will take a mold of your bite and send it to a dental lab. The mouthguard will be fabricated to your unique specifications and returned to our Florence, SC dentist office. Patients are able to pick up their ready to wear mouthguard within a few weeks.

Why are custom mouthguards better?

Custom mouthguards are designed to fit the exact measurements of your mouth. The custom mouthguard fits more comfortably and securely than an over the counter fit and bite option.

Patients who wear a custom sports mouthguard report an improvement in their athletic performance and increased compliance rates.

Custom mouthguards allow athletes to drink water while wearing the appliance. Players are less likely to remove the device, reducing the risk of loss or forgetting to replace the mouthguard before playtime.