4 Foods That Can Crack a Tooth

Teeth endure wear and tear from chewing and biting regularly and without issue usually. But your teeth are not indestructible. Under high pressure, a tooth could chip, crack, or fracture, and sometimes, certain foods could cause this dental injury.

A broken tooth makes your smile vulnerable to many other dental dangers. You can better prevent tooth breakage if you pay attention to your smile and know which foods present a risk to your teeth. Read on to find four food items that could pose a threat to your dental structure if you are not careful when eating.

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Which Foods Might Cause Tooth Breakage?


Popcorn is a popular snack food that you can enjoy out at a movie theater or from the comfort of your home. The light, fluffy texture is appealing, but it can hide hard, unpopped kernels in your bowl. If you accidentally bite down on one of these kernels, you could seriously injure your tooth.

Sometimes, a broken tooth will hurt a great deal. But even if you do not feel pain, you should call your dentist about this tooth breakage. A crack or chip will worsen without urgent dental intervention. So do not ignore this dental concern and make sure you reach out to your dentist.


A bagel can play an important role when building a delicious sandwich that can suit any time of day. But bagels and other hard breads are denser than you might imagine. Biting into a bagel can carry a risk of breaking and harming your teeth.

Not only will a chipped or cracked tooth disrupt the look of your smile. It also leaves a weak spot in your tooth where bacteria can penetrate and cause further dental problems. Seek restorative dental treatment by calling your dentist’s office without hesitation.

Hard Candy

Hard candy is made from boiled sugar melted into a malleable substance that forms a sweet treat as it cools and solidifies. You are meant to suck this candy in the mouth until it dissolves. But many people feel tempted to bite down on the candy before this point, which could cause tooth breakage.

In many cases, a dentist will use a dental crown to restore the structure of a damaged tooth. This cap covers the damage and creates a protective seal that will resist additional dental harm.

Ideally, you will want to preserve your natural dental structure though, so practice preventative care by avoiding situations that could break a tooth. For instance, if you cannot resist biting hard candy, maybe you should not eat this type of treat.

Corn on the Cob

Many people enjoy eating corn directly from its cob, which makes consuming this popular starchy vegetable exciting and fresh. But our teeth are not built to withstand the pressure of grating teeth against a hard corn cob, which puts your dental structure in danger.

If possible, you should eat corn off of its cob when you can to avoid dental emergencies. Find more preventative oral health care advice by contacting your dentist.