Dentures: Fixed or Removable?

Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss. To prevent further deterioration of your smile, your dentist will suggest replacing missing teeth with restorative dental work such as dentures.

Your dentures can provide prosthetic teeth and improvement in the look and function of your smile whether you need one, several, or an entire arch of teeth replaced. But do you want an appliance you can take out if needed or one that will stay attached to your mouth at all times? Read on to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of tooth replacement treatment with both removable and fixed dentures.

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Should I Choose a Removable Oral Appliance?

Some patients feel nervous about extensive dental work and want to replace their missing teeth with a removable oral appliance. A dentist can give these patients dentures, a custom-made fixture that can serve as a prosthetic for several missing teeth or an entire arch.

The device uses a combination of suction and adhesives to remain in place in the mouth while worn. The acrylic base will feature prosthetic teeth that can fill gaps in your smile. They will also allow you to perform many oral functions. Partial dentures can employ a metal framework to better secure your device to your remaining surrounding natural teeth.

People may appreciate the flexibility of taking dentures out of their mouth when not in use. This may feel more comfortable on the gums, especially when sleeping.

These patients should prepare to complete a special cleaning and hygiene routine for their devices. With proper care, they can expect to require replacement dentures every five years or so. This is because their face shape may alter over time. Or the dentures may become damaged or warped. Follow aftercare guidelines from your dentist for the best results with this treatment.

Can Fixed Dentures Restore My Smile After Tooth Loss?

For a more long-lasting and secure way to replace missing teeth, patients may prefer an implant-supported denture. This device uses titanium post anchors surgically placed into the jaw. When these heal, a dentist attaches a denture prosthetic to these anchors above the gumline.

With tooth replacement using implants, patients will not have to worry about devices slipping out of place at inopportune moments. This can happen with dentures.

Patients can see the benefits of removable appliances if they choose implants and have more oral health advantages too. Implants replace teeth at the root, below the gumline, unlike other options. This means that these fixtures can stop jawbone loss and preserve facial structure in a way that other treatments cannot.

Dental implants will also endure more wear and tear without issue and require less care from the patient. You should still see your dentist for routine check-ups. But you will not need much extra effort in your oral hygiene routine to keep your implants and smile looking and feeling good. The implants can enhance your smile and oral health for twenty or more years.