What Makes a Good Implant Candidate?

Your oral health could decline after experiencing tooth loss. Even after treating the root cause, missing teeth may interrupt your oral function, negatively impact the appearance of your smile, and lead to the weakening of your jawbone and dental structure.

Dental implants can offer effective, long-lasting restorative benefits for patients with missing teeth. But this might not be the optimal treatment for all eligible patients. Schedule a consultation with your dental professional to determine the best way to restore your smile after tooth loss. Dr. Brian Sang, a dentist practicing in Florence, SC, lists three qualities that make a patient a good candidate for tooth replacement with dental implants.

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3 Characteristics of an Ideal Dental Implant Patient

Seeking a Permanent Tooth Replacement Solution

A dental implant is a fixture that includes an anchor in a patient’s jaw that supports prosthetic teeth. Whether you are missing one, several, or an entire arch of teeth, there is a type of implant that can suit your dental needs.

The implant provides permanent restorative benefits, which can be extremely appealing for many individuals. Patients do not have to worry about maintenance or a device slipping out of place.

However, some patients prefer the flexibility involved in removable tooth replacement solutions, like dentures. Ask your dentist about which restorative dental treatments can benefit your unique smile best.

Stable Jawbone Structure

A side effect that patients may experience if they are missing teeth is the deterioration of jawbone. In healthy individuals, the tooth roots below the gumline stimulate the jaw and keep it strong. After tooth loss, the tooth root is absent and without its stimulation, the jawbone can degenerate.

If too much bone in the jaw has been lost, your jaw may not be strong enough to hold the anchor of a dental implant. The titanium post anchor is surgically placed in the jaw to support the prosthetic teeth. Your dentist may suggest a bone graft or alternative restorative treatments that can create more structure that might support an implant once healed.

Commitment and Patience During the Implant Process

The implant dentistry process can be invasive, expensive, and lengthy, which can take its toll on many patients. You must be prepared to commit to the treatment and exhibit patience if you want to enjoy the long-lasting restorative advantages that come with dental implants.

The oral surgery, recovery, and prosthetic placement procedure may take several months to complete. But if the patient trusts this process, they can experience a lifetime of benefits with dental implants that cannot be matched by other tooth replacement options.

Dental Implants and Other Tooth Replacements in Florence, SC

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