Why Treat Teeth Grinding?

Approximately 10% of people grind or clench their teeth in a habit called bruxism. As it often occurs during sleep, many individuals may not be aware they have this problem. Though the behavior is common, it could lead to major dental issues if it continues.

Your dentist can help you reduce or eliminate bruxism and preserve the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw. Dr. Brian Sang, a dentist located in Florence, SC, outlines three reasons why you should seek prompt treatment for teeth grinding or clenching.

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Prevent Tooth Breakage

The grating of top teeth against bottom teeth when an individual suffers from bruxism creates abnormally high pressure. Though teeth are durable, this pressure could cause teeth to chip, crack, or fracture.

Minor damage may be amended with cosmetic dentistry, but severe cases of tooth breakage might need restorative dental solutions. This kind of damage could also put teeth at risk of infection, which may require root canal therapy and other extensive dental work. Stopping teeth-grinding behavior can prevent these dental problems.

Alleviate Chronic Jaw Pain

The pressure from continued teeth grinding and clenching can cause jaw pain and soreness in the ears, head, or face. Eventually, the condition can become chronic and develop into temporomandibular joint disorders, or TMJ.

Without treatment, this condition can worsen and disrupt a patient’s ability to chew and speak. Treating TMJ often begins with addressing the root cause, which in many instances is bruxism.

Preserve Prior Dental Work

Most individuals undergo dental work at some point in their lives, including cavity treatment with dental fillings. Fillings, crowns, and other fixtures protect vulnerable teeth and prevent further harm.

Though this dental work is designed to withstand the everyday wear and tear that teeth experience, the pressure from bruxism could damage these fixtures and put your smile at risk. Avoid recurrent decay, broken dental crowns, and dental emergencies by treating your teeth grinding and clenching behavior as soon as possible.

Get Teeth Grinding Treatment in Florence, SC

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