Why Family Dentistry is Important

Family dentistry means that we’re able to take care of every member of your family, no matter what the age. From children to seniors, we want to make sure the oral health of your family is taken care of. The team at Palmetto Smiles, a dentist in Florence, SC, details the importance of family dentistry.family dentist in florence, south carolina

Age-Specific Care

Depending on your age, there are certain dental problems you may be more likely to have. For example, tooth decay is found frequently in children. To help with this, we offer dental sealants. These are painted on the teeth in the mouth that are hardest to brush. The cusps of molars are usually the area treated. This provides an extra layer of protection against tooth decay.

When you enter your late teens and early twenties, your wisdom teeth will erupt. For many people, the jaw isn’t big enough to safely handle these teeth. They can become impacted, or trapped in the jaw, causing issues with crooked teeth and overcrowding. We’ll monitor your wisdom teeth and determine if extracting them is a suitable option.

Seniors have specific dental issues as well. As we get older, our teeth naturally become discolored due to age, as well as years of staining from foods and beverages. Teeth whitening solutions can take years off of your smile. Losing teeth is more common with age as well. We offer many solutions for tooth replacement, including dental implants.

Starting Care Early

It’s crucial that children start dental care after their first teeth start to erupt. This allows them to have a good foundation for oral health that continues throughout their lifetime. We help both parents and children to know the most effective ways to take care of a child’s teeth, from brushing and flossing to their diet.

In addition, early care can get children used to the dentist and prevent dental anxiety in the future. They can go in with you as you’re getting your procedure to see that it’s nothing to be afraid of. You can also sit in with them as they’re getting their treatment so they have support. If they’re used to the dentist early on, they won’t be afraid of it in the future.

Catching Problems ASAP

When you’re seeing the dentist regularly with family dentistry appointments, it’s easier for our team to notice if there are issues. They can see if things have changed in your mouth since your last visit. Things like oral cancer can be hard to detect with an untrained eye. We can also determine if you have bite problems or crooked teeth that should be taken care of with orthodontics. The earlier things are caught, the easier they are to treat.

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